How To Use CBD to Boost Energy

Author Kristin Henningsen by Kristin Henningsen

While CBD products continue to receive accolades for their ability to support sleep, you may be surprised to learn that CBD also has energy-boosting benefits. If you’re sick of turning to lattes and energy drinks when the 3 o’clock slump hits, you may want to consider CBD-rich hemp oil. Not only does its short-term energy-promoting effect last longer than a double shot, but its long-term support of the nervous system is also becoming clear. 

Here’s how it works. 

Sleep vs. Energy 

To understand the paradox of CBD helping with both sleep and energy, let’s take a quick stroll through our endocannabinoid system, or ECS. The ECS is composed of endocannabinoid signaling molecules that travel throughout the body, functioning as messengers that effectively talk to our gastrointestinal system, immune system, nervous tissue, heart, brain and more. These messengers play a central role in how balanced our sleep, memory, energy and focus are. By checking in with these systems, endocannabinoids help modulate our daily rhythms. 

Research has shown that small doses of CBD can increase energy levels, while larger doses have a more sedative effect. It does so by modulating waking via activation of neurons in the hypothalamus and the dorsal raphe nucleus, regions that play a role in the generation of alertness. That modulation is the name of the game. 

In small doses, CBD acts on serotonin receptors that regulate glucose homeostasis and lipid metabolism, boosting both short- and long-term energy. That, combined with it’s stress-busting effects means you won’t experience the traditional zippy effect of caffeine (and many often take CBD alongside coffee to help mellow out the caffeine jitters). Instead, you may feel like your mind is clearer, and you’re more focused and ready to take on your mile-long to-do list. 

Learn more about the endocannabinoid system.

Cellular Support

It’s no big surprise that stress, diet and lifestyle factors can decrease our natural amounts of cannabinoid messengers, leading to fatigue, lack of focus and sleep issues as our system gets thrown out of balance. We may just need a boost to tap into our natural vibrant state.

cbd oil uses and energy

That’s where CBD shines, filling in the gaps by binding to cannabinoid receptor sites throughout the peripheral and central nervous system. Research has shown this can not only activate the hypothalamus, the control center of the sleep/wake cycle, but it is also thought to increase dopamine levels. So, when we’re feeling depleted by the demands of work, family and other parts of life, we can literally find support at the cellular level to increase energy and feel good.

Immediate Relief and Long-Term Effects

Obviously the long-term benefits of CBD are enticing, but many turn to CBD for its immediate effects as well. When your head is nodding in an afternoon meeting, having a tool to regain focus is key. Using a product like SHEbd’s THC-free Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil is a great strategy. Taken sublingually, a few drops under the tongue will absorb quickly to get those cannabinoid messengers into the bloodstream and on their way. Capsules, while also effective, will need to be digested and metabolized to do their job, which may mean they take longer to have an effect.

Whatever form of CBD you decide is right for you, having the support available for steady and sustainable energy will help you take your vibrant health into your own hands.

Kristin Henningsen, M.S., R.H. (A.H.G.), R.Y.T., is a clinical herbalist and educator who first fell in love with plants in the desert Southwest. She’s passionate about bringing plant medicine back to the people, integrating Western herbalism, T.C.M. and Ayurvedic practices to empower folks in their health care. She maintains a private clinical practice and serves as faculty for several university programs.