Five Ways to Create Joy in a Hectic World

Author Jessie Bosley by Jessie Bosley
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With the heartbreak and unprecedented levels of stress caused by the novel coronavirus, many of you are seeking healthy ways to pull yourself back into balance and some sort of feeling of normalness. This is an incredibly important first step to take toward managing stress, and we want to applaud you for it. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) encourages actively coping with stress so that you, as well as the community around you, can come out stronger from the situation at hand. Frankly, we couldn’t agree more. 

We approach overcoming stress like we do all other aspects of our health: naturally. And one of the best natural ways to soothe yourself when things are feeling hectic is to invite wonder in our daily lives and practice it on a regular basis. 

Finding joy and wonder in your every day will keep your spirit and mind healthy, as well as help you to establish a flourishing daily routine that you can lean on when life takes unexpected turns. On top of that, Mental Health America states that experiencing good feelings not only can boost your ability to bounce back from stress, but also can help you to solve problems, think more flexibly and even fight disease. No matter what life throws your way, you’ll have the ability to find sparks of wonder in even the most finite moments. 

If you’re wondering where to even begin, we’re here to help. Read more to discover five easy ways in which you can create joy in your daily routine. 

01 — Live the Little Things 

With nonstop busy schedules and an increasingly hectic world, it can be easy to run full speed through each day without pausing to take a breath. 

We’re here to tell you: take that deep breath. 

Make it a habit to stop and notice the little things every once in a while. When you take that moment to appreciate something that you normally don’t notice, you’re fueling the natural curiosity that we all have within us. This curiosity will allow you to have a broader sense of appreciation for the world around you. 

Little things you may notice are fresh air rustling through the trees, a small act of kindness from a friend, and waking up before an alarm, realizing you have more time to sleep.

02 — Gratitude Check 

Studies have found that giving thanks can improve relationships, spark positive cause-and-effect situations and lead to emotional maturity. Starting a gratitude list is as rewarding as it is eye-opening, helping you to realize all of the aspects of your life (big or small) that you feel thankful for. We urge you to start writing down three things you’re grateful for every single day. You can do this …

  • The moment you wake up in the morning. We recommend doing so before you even check your phone, so that your mind stays uncluttered from the happenings in the world.
  • During your mid-day break. Some of us get hit by a middle-of-the-day energy slump, and taking a moment to be grateful can be the perfect recipe to refresh both attitudes and actions for the remainder of the day.
  • As you’re winding down before bed. Reflect on the day that you had, and seek out the positive elements — even if you felt bad things just kept happening one right after the other.
  • Your own way! We have found that this daily practice is wholly individual, and it’s key that you embrace gratitude when it feels right. 

03 — Embrace the Power of Vitamin D

The pure happiness that comes from soaking up sunshine is a guaranteed practice for creating joy in your life. It can be easy to fall into a busy schedule that requires the majority of your time be spent indoors — working, cleaning, cooking and Netflix-ing. Don’t underestimate the power that vitamin D can have on your health and happiness. Natural sunlight triggers the body’s production of vitamin D, which is crucial for essential functions such as blood pressure, brain function, immune support, and your mood. Incorporate taking walks into your scheduled breaks (though always stay compliant with social distancing guidelines), or sit in that perfect little sun spot in your home (you know the one!) for 15 minutes of pure light-imbued bliss to spark joy for the day.

04 — Serve Positivi-tea

Yes, this practice can be as simple as making sure to think happy thoughts. A positive mindset is essential to creating sparks of joy in your life. Throughout the day, reach for thoughts that make you feel good and hold onto them. You’ll be able to harness that “fuzzy feeling” we all love to get from time to time — and by doing this, you’ll be able to tap into it even when the world around you is feeling chaotic and negative. We bet that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much wonder you can find in your routine just because you consciously chose to look on the bright side. 

05 — As Easy as C-B-D

Among all of the holistic solutions one can utilize for stress, CBD is our favorite. As an all-encompassing natural remedy, CBD, a plant-based product that solidly supports your mind, body and soul, provides a long list of benefits. We encourage you to support your body with CBD each day, whether it’s dropping some hemp oil under your tongue while your morning coffee is brewing or luxuriating with a well-deserved CBD-infused sheet mask after a productive day. You’ll find that you will feel less anxious and more regulated as you navigate a normal routine during a not-so-normal pandemic. 

From making gratitude lists to harnessing the power of CBD products, you’re now well supplied with daily practices that you can easily incorporate into your routine. Create joy in your life, and happiness will follow. 

Jessie Bosley is a contributing writer with specialties in health & wellness, CPG products, and brand strategy. She enjoys loads of sunshine, traveling to beautiful places, making playlists and reading a good book.