5 Ways to Feel More Empowered Every Day

Author Jessie Bosley by Jessie Bosley

In the hectic world we live in, it can be easy to slip into the uneasy feeling that life is spinning out of your control. Instead of sinking lower into negativity, we encourage you to turn your self-doubt into self-empowerment. Self-empowerment is an actionable practice that will help you align your interests, and represent them in a responsible, authoritative way. In other words: it’s when you honor yourself first. 

A psychotherapist writing for Psychology Today tells us that achieving personal empowerment is more than just a feeling. He pens, “Our sense of empowerment is a reflection of the increased personal value and self-worth that comes out of our experience of having real influence in one or more areas of our lives.” Knowing which spheres of your lifestyle are worth your time and energy can lead to a supremely fulfilling life. 

On top of practicing natural stress relief techniques, we live by a few inspiring practices that have allowed us to feel empowered day in and day out. Now, we’d like to share them with you. Read more to discover five ways you can feel more empowered in your everyday life. 

01 — Speak It into Existence

Your words have power. The practice of speaking to yourself using empowering verbiage is intensely personal, and equally as gratifying. Plus, when you feel genuinely good about yourself, your ability to manifest positive energy comes more naturally. 

Speaking the right kind of words will bolster your areas of strength, stimulating personal growth that only you can trigger. So, to start, make sure to focus on your best qualities, even if they seem trivial. Our favorite daily affirmation? “Today, I am she. And she is powerful.” 

02 — Prioritize “Me Time” 

As cliché as the “self care isn’t selfish” mantra now may seem, it still holds so much truth. Though self-care is essential to your well-being, it often can be pushed aside in order to make room for checking items off an infinite daily to-do list. 

Taking care of yourself is a productive ritual that we encourage you to start incorporating into your everyday routine. You don’t even have to set aside time to do this. You can maximize self-care and efficiency through habits such as dropping CBD oil into your morning coffee, practicing measured breathing as you do your makeup, and wearing a sheet mask while you cook meals. As you notice yourself glowing and growing from that extra self-love, you’ll realize how empowering it is to know that you. did. that. 

03 — Learn New Moves

Adopting empowering body language is an immediate practice that will boost your inner (and outer) confidence. It’s an incredibly tangible way to practice what you preach. Empowering techniques that you can begin to integrate into your everyday interactions include the following: give your spine an extra lift when you start to slouch, be gentle and intentional when you apply skin care, maintain eye contact throughout conversations, and eliminate negative thoughts so that your smile returns naturally to your face.

04 — Set Expectations 

If you’re a busy, ever-exhausted adult female like us, then you know that “rules” can sorta be fun. Setting expectations for your relationships, with the people in your life as well as with yourself, is an empowerment practice that provides immediate results. 

Establishing boundaries within the various roles you play (mother, friend, partner, boss, etc.) is an important foundational element to your sense of self. By knowing where your comfort zone ends and begins, you’ll be able to open yourself up emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually in ways that leave you feeling more self-realized than ever before. 

There isn’t a more empowering feeling than taking control of your own narrative. As Forbes puts it, “no one can gift you power.” Only you can do that. 

05 — Embrace Imperfection 

Self-assuredness comes from knowing both your strengths, as well as your weaknesses. Though looking at your flaws full in the face can be a hard pill to swallow, it is a powerful feeling to get in front of all the imperfect instances in your life. 

One Percent Better reminds us that complete control over your life is not possible, yet there are several determinants you can control in order to maintain a high quality of life. Lean into your mistakes, and guide your mindset to be grateful for the learning moment instead of mulling over the “would be, could be” outcomes. As you continually grow from this practice, you’ll feel the empowerment that comes from self-teaching. This also will leave room for gratitude to grow around the moments that were close to perfection. 

As you begin to assimilate these practices into your daily routine, take note of the evidence. Finding that your actions, mindsets and language are clearly empowering your lifestyle is an incredible discovery that will continue to fuel you on your self-empowerment journey. We’re so excited for you to become the most powerful you, yet. 

Jessie Bosley is a contributing writer with specialties in health and wellness, CPG products and brand strategy. She enjoys loads of sunshine, traveling to beautiful places, making playlists and reading a good book.