Save Time And Feel Healthy With These Six Meal Delivery Services

As people turn to healthier and more plant-based diets, the market for home delivery meal plans has exploded. With so many choices, how do you know where your money is best spent?

We’ve tried them all, and here are the best healthy meal delivery services we’ve found on the market.

Paleo on the Go

Credit: Paleo on the Go

Paleo on the Go is a superb option for those with autoimmune disorders. The program features AIP (autoimmune protocol) meals: no nuts, seeds, coffee, chocolate, nightshades, or beans. Each meal is also gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free, and ketogenic friendly. CEO Dave Rohde started the company in 2012 after suffering a series of reactions from the food he was eating. Diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, he altered his approach to food and switched to a Paleo diet, which immediately improved his health. He wanted to make delicious, healthy foods available to everyone without the struggle to find good solutions for those facing a variety of health challenges. Choose from their food bundles, such as monthly meal programs, breakfast, sweets, and even sugar detox bundles, starting at $80.

Sakara Life

Credit: Sakara Life

If you want a serious vegan detox―feeling energized, refreshed, and slim at the end of a week―with some inventive and delicious meal options, Sakara Life will not disappoint. This is a great way to reset your system and start fresh. The most health-aggressive customers find Sakara Life meals to be competitive with detox programs at uber health and fitness destinations, like the celebrity favorite The Ranch 4.0 in Malibu, and the strict doctor-monitored Pritikin Center in Miami. The packaging is ceremonial, arriving with a gorgeous piece of the Palo Santo tree to burn and give thanks to Mother Earth, to set your intentions. The menu changes weekly and promotes seasonal favorites like breakfast muffins, salads, and protein bagels with cashew cheese spread. Detox tea, metabolism powders, and beauty chocolates add a nice touch, each of which can be purchased separately along with detox bars, water droplets, and Sakara’s signature granola among other chic items sold on the website. Packages start at $99/day for a five-day plan.

Purple Carrot

Credit: Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is a fan favorite among celebrities for its delicious vegetarian and plant-based meals, which are unanimously delicious and fairly priced in the vegan food delivery service category. The website is extremely user-friendly, with the menus, calorie count, prep time (most under 30 minutes), and an easy-to-follow recipe. Many Purple Carrot subscribers like the stuffed avocados with tofu salad and crispy onion, BBQ glazed sweet potatoes with ginger kale and macaroni salad, and the Indonesian street noodles with eggplant and gai lan. Purple Carrot has curated some great snacks, including the dark chocolate dry roasted chickpeas from Lebby and the chocolate chunk blondie 4 pack from Rule Breaker. Each week you choose among 2-4 dinners for two with an introductory price starting at $46.94. Seriously, you can’t beat this price for the quality!

Daily Harvest

Credit: Daily Harvest

If you’re an over-the-sinker, meaning you do not have time to plan or prepare meals and prefer yours in cups or bowls, you will love Daily Harvest. Choose from bowls, smoothies, and soups that are built on fruits and vegetables. The meals arrive fully prepared in a cup that requires you to add water (but not all of the time). As if the massive national Daily Harvest ad campaigns weren’t enough to reel you in, the foods arrive frozen and the cups are easy to store for the week. Online reviews have given Daily Harvest a near-perfect score, with the highest marks going to the strawberry and peach smoothies, Brussels sprouts, lime pad Thai harvest bowl, and the mushroom and miso soup. The ingredients are thoughtfully sourced at the peak of each season to deliver the most nutrient-rich, freshest ingredients possible. The costs per cup decrease with your increasing order, and while it’s not the most expensive option on our list, it’s not inexpensive. Choose 9, 12, or 24 cups per week. At 9 cups it’s $7.75 per cup ($69.75), for 12 it’s $7.49 per cup ($89.88), and with a monthly plan you get 24 cups at $6.99 per cup ($167.76). You then build your box with the exact smoothies, soups and bowls you want.


Credit: Hungryroot

Hungryroot is like couture grocery shopping: tell them what you like to eat, your frequency and habits, then let HR source the best food for you and do the shopping too. It’s more like a grocery subscription service where you can customize your orders on any given week. You also decide your meal frequency and snacks; Hungryroot sends the food you will make for the week, plus the necessary recipes. If you are someone who wants someone else to do the grocery shopping, Hungryroot is a great option. You can also dial up/down how many of your meals are protein or plant-based, gluten-free, etc. The prices vary widely, with most meal options set and no less than two per week in any given category (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks).

Blue Apron

Credit: Blue Apron

As one of the first meal delivery services, Blue Apron cornered the market on restaurant-style recipes that you can actually make with little fuss. They offer WW approved, diabetes-friendly, and Beyond Meat meals. Their vegetarian options are numerous. Once you input the types of food you will and will not eat, they give you eight meal options to choose from each week and you simply select the ones you want. The most popular recipes are called out in the listings, among them the miso ginger chicken with sesame rice, creamy risotto with peppers, tomatoes and romano cheese, shrimp & sweet potato with lemongrass and coconut, and the creamy spinach beef burgers with roasted potato wedges. And, at two recipes per week for two people at the introductory rate of $27.95, how could you resist? Each new customer also gets a $100 promotional credit, applied across five meals – woo-hoo!