Why SHE Made It: SHEbd Broad Spectrum Hemp Balm

Author Stacy Mosel, LMSW by Stacy Mosel, LMSW

For the woman who is interested in a natural approach to taking control of her health, it may be difficult to sort through the various methods and suggestions for alternative treatment. With all the information about CBD floating around, having access to valuable education and quality products you can trust is literally priceless. It can make the difference between getting the relief you’re seeking or not.

We believe that you have every right to take a look behind the scenes to understand our process and why we do things the way we do them. Using the best technology to make our products is just part of what makes our commitment to women’s health so powerful.

So what makes our CBD-rich Broad Spectrum Hemp Balm so special? Keep reading to find out.

The Power of CBD-Rich Hemp

The first thing that’s important to remember is that not all hemp products are created equally — SHEbd’s CBD-rich broad spectrum products are all organically sun-grown, pesticide-free, third-party verified and THC-free, so you won’t get high when you use them . We also don’t use any additives or dyes, which helps maximize the benefit you’ll receive from our highest quality CBD.

Topical CBD has been shown to be effective for different types of pain. One clinical review explains that cannabinoids like CBD have been demonstrated to have analgesic (or pain relieving) effects in animal models of inflammatory and neuropathic pain (or nerve pain). Additionally, a study of rats with arthritis found that CBD appears to have pain relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits without side effects. (Keep in mind that rats are often used in research because they are genetically similar to humans.) Finally, two case reports of people with pain found that topical CBD was effective for reducing radicular pain (the kind of pain that radiates from your back or hip down your legs) as well as neuropathic pain.

topical hemp balm

It’s also worth noting that CBD has been shown to help common skin irritations, such as inflammation, itching and burning, bug bites, infections, bruises, scrapes and wounds; so our Hemp Balm can help calm and soothe  your skin at the same time that it relaxes your muscles .  The effects of our Balm can be noticed almost immediately as it is absorbed through the skin at the source of pain or discomfort and because, when applied topically, CBD doesn’t have to travel through the digestive system or be metabolized before it can get to work.

Why Hemp and Beeswax Go Hand in Hand

We pair our CBD-rich broad spectrum hemp oil with an all-natural beeswax base to help deliver targeted pain relief. The reason beeswax works so well is because it not only helps deliver the cannabinoids transdermally, it also allows the ingredients to stay on the skin longer, making it ideal for targeted, long-lasting relief.  Because of this beeswax, our Balm glides on silky smooth and won’t drip or instantly evaporate off the skin like some oils or sprays, so you’ll continue to receive the benefits for longer periods of time without any messy clean up or time-consuming application.

Beeswax is also a natural humectant, which means it attracts water, so it can help your skin stay moist and hydrated while the CBD goes to work.

Lavender and Eucalyptus Oil Benefits

We amp up our Hemp Balm by including lavender and eucalyptus essential oils, which have pain relieving properties in their own right. It also includes MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil, which is soothing for minor skin irritations.

hemp balm essential oils

One clinical review reports that lavender oil has analgesic as well as anti-inflammatory properties, and another review showed that eucalyptus has similar properties; yet another review also states that eucalyptus is beneficial for rheumatoid arthritis, headaches and neuralgia (a type of nerve pain). Plus, both lavender and eucalyptus are known for their calming and stress-relieving aromas: you’ll also have a sensory aromatherapy treat to help you feel soothed and comforted.

A Final Note on Usage

Our fast-acting CBD-rich Hemp Balm comes in a chic little stick that packs maximum power for calming, soothing, and revitalization. You just rub it onto any area that’s causing you grief (or dab a bit onto your temples to soothe headaches). Everything we use in our organic Hemp Balm comes straight from nature, so you won’t have to worry about using any artificial or irritating man-made ingredients.

However, while Hemp Balm is generally well-tolerated by people with even the most sensitive skin, it’s always a good idea to do a patch test first if you have any concerns. And while it probably goes without saying, it’s smart to consult your doctor if your skin irritation or pain condition becomes worse. In addition, don’t stop taking any prescribed medications, self-diagnose or make any changes to your existing treatment without first discussing it with your physician.