12 Ideas for a Self-Care Filled Nighttime Routine

Author Iris Goldsztajn by Iris Goldsztajn

Having a great night routine can make all the difference in getting a good night’s sleep. Make the two hours before bedtime count by dedicating them to self-care and being present in your mind and body — here are some ideas to make your evenings the best time of your day.

Two Hours Before Bed

Get ready for tomorrow

Your sleep will be so much more peaceful if you’re not making a to-do list in your head while lying in bed. So get your clothes out for the next day, tidy up the random floor pile and set your alarm. Now you’re free to relax and focus on nighttime self-care!

Switch off the screens

We know it’s easier said than done, but if you’re able to, make the last two hours of your day a screen-free time. The blue light from your devices, combined with the stressful content you may consume on social media or news sites, can be overstimulating and affect your sleep.

Do some light stretching or gentle yoga

Although avoiding strenuous exercise at this time is a good idea, gently moving your body can help you sleep more soundly — plus it just feels fantastic! This can also help you work through any discomfort in your body that might impact how well you sleep.

An Hour Before Bed


Jotting down what’s on your mind is a great way to take stock of the day’s events — and let them go. Just let the words flow onto the page and notice how calm you feel.

night routine journaling


Meditation is always a good idea, whether you use a guided track on your favorite app or just sit down and focus on your breathing. This is a perfect way to signal to your mind and body that it’s time to wind down.

Take CBD oil

Taking CBD oil daily can help you relax, which will help you sleep better. Check this article out for more on how CBD can support a healthy night’s sleep.

30 Minutes Before Bed

Read a feel-good book

Lose yourself in a book you’ve been meaning to read for a while — this will help you unwind and destress. Stick to a paper book if you can, and choose something soothing like romance or comedy, rather than, say, a murder mystery.

Listen to relaxing music

Wind down with some acoustic covers, timeless ballads or classical music (nothing too dancy, sorry!). Just let the music wash over you and notice the emotions it allows you to release. Think of it as an adult lullaby!

Have sex

Enjoy intimacy with your partner or with yourself — it can help you sleep more soundly, in case you needed another excuse to do it. Sexual activity can also improve your mood and release stress, both of which contribute to better quality sleep.

Right Before Bed

Brush your teeth mindfully

OK, so you probably don’t need to be reminded to brush your teeth. But what about making this a mindful moment, when you focus on how the toothbrush feels on your teeth? You can also practice gratitude for the health of your mouth and how your teeth serve you every day.

Time for skincare

Whether you already have an elaborate skincare routine or you’re just curious about the whole craze, right before bed is a great time to lather on those luxurious products. Your skin rejuvenates at night, so you will see your skincare benefits in a major way come morning.

nighttime routine skincare

Practice visualization

Have big dreams? Visualizing yourself achieving your goals can help you get there in real life. Doing this for a couple minutes before bed is ideal, as these thoughts can stay top of your mind for the first four hours of your sleep.

What you do right before bed is so important. When you create a night routine that works for you, you will sleep better and feel better the next day, too!

Iris Goldsztajn is a London-based writer and editor with six years of experience creating content for various outlets. Her work has appeared in the likes of InStyle, Stylist and Cosmopolitan, and she won first place in Writing Magazine’s Grand Prize for a short story in 2020.