The SHEbd Health Manifesto

Author The SHEbd Team by The SHEbd Team

Nothing matters more than well-being and the pursuit of becoming our best selves physically, personally and professionally. Because when we are our best selves, we contribute to a better world — and can create a world that uplifts and empowers mothers, daughters, sisters and friends everywhere.

Achieving this type of well-being requires true balance, which can only be achieved by nourishing your whole self. Health isn’t just physical or mental — it encompasses nearly every aspect of our lives. This is why SHE believes in an approach to health steeped in science that cultivates physical, emotional, spiritual and financial well-being.

Finding balance is the only way to restore the rhythm of life
Nothing can be left behind in this pursuit
So nourish every part of yourself
Eat well and sleep well
Find joy in physical and intellectual movement
Free yourself with financial independence
Honor yourself with meditation and prayer
SHE is healthy, and so are you

Physical Health

Physical health is a top priority for SHEbd because it influences how healthy we are in every other area of our lives. If you don’t sleep well, for example, you might feel fatigued and stressed during the day, which impacts your emotional and intellectual health.

physical health

Physical health will look different for everyone, but it comes down to some simple tenets:

Emotional Health

Life is overwhelming, and it is so easy to neglect to nurture our emotional health when caught up in the day-to-day. Even worse, so many women don’t know how to — or don’t feel like they deserve to — prioritize their emotional health. But balanced emotional health helps us overcome stressful situations, build meaningful connections with others, improve self-esteem and even boost energy.

This is why we are dedicated to giving women the education they need to feel empowered to protect and nurture their emotional energy and health.

Spiritual Health

Nourishing spiritual health is a profound way of connecting to yourself. Making time for your spirituality helps you find a sense of purpose, which can often be the missing piece in the health puzzle. Regardless of your beliefs, we can all benefit from integrating spiritual practices that feel right for us, such as meditation, journaling or prayer.

spiritual health

Intellectual Health

Providing education and opportunities for learning is one of our central missions at SHEbd. That’s because we understand intellectual well-being as inextricable from overall health. We are continually open to learning seek out new knowledge, whether that’s through formal education, engaging with media or talking with others who have different backgrounds from our own. It encourages us to be more open-minded, more creative and more mindful.

On the SHEbd blog, you can learn about everything from the ins and outs of CBD, to health equality, to how to cultivate a positive money mindset. Because SHE’s smart, and so are you.

Environmental Health

It’s as simple as this: We can’t truly be healthy if our planet isn’t healthy.

Not only can climate change harm our mental health, but it also exacerbates social, economic and health-related disparities among different communities around the world. It also causes tangible damage to our local areas and to our physical health too — which we’ve seen firsthand with the devastating wildfires in California. That’s why SHEbd is committed to sustainable practices throughout our supply chain, from organically grown, pesticide-free hemp, to 100% recyclable packaging, to our partnership with One Tree Planted.

environmental health

We need to nurture all aspects of our health — not just the physical or mental — in order to find the balance and well-being that will allow us to truly show up in our lives. Wherever you are on your health journey, SHEbd is there to support you in feeling your best in mind, body, spirit and beyond.