How to Pick the Right CBD Oil for You

Author Ashley Tibbits by Ashley Tibbits
what to look for when buying cbd oil

So, you want to try CBD oil to soothe your stress symptoms, lull you into a more restful sleep or ease minor aches and pains — among other potential issues. But before you start reaping the benefits, you’ll have to answer one key question: “Which one do I buy?”

With the lessened taboo of experimenting with cannabis for health as opposed to high, plus the popularization of these products within the wellness community, business is booming. And that doesn’t make things easy for you. Luckily, you can make the process a whole lot simpler if you know what to look for when buying CBD oil.

Though it’s great that more people are starting to acknowledge the benefits of cannabinoids, the industry at large is still a relatively young one, which means it’s yet to be given strict regulations. That leaves a lot of the research up to you, the shopper, when it comes to figuring out not only which products will give you the desired effect but which don’t include harmful pesticides, which are manufactured in a way that maximizes your benefits without adding things you don’t want and which are proven to be safe. Ahead, find the answers to those questions boiled down to three key elements to check out when buying your next CBD oil.

Growing Practices

Let’s say you’re shopping at the farmers market. Do you ask the farmer if their tomatoes are grown using pesticides? You should be just as concerned with the growing methods for your hemp. And much like when you’re shopping for fruits and veggies, looking for organic is your best bet to avoid potentially harmful chemicals. By choosing a brand of CBD oil that’s been certified organic by the USDA, you’ll limit your exposure to synthetic pesticides and other harmful chemicals. That said, even natural pesticides can be harmful, which is why SHEbd’s CBD-rich Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil is made with organically sun-grown, pesticide-free hemp with no additives, dyes or fillers, so you can be sure you’re getting all the good stuff and none of the bad.

Manufacturing Practices

You may have heard terms like “full-spectrum,” “broad-spectrum,” and “isolate” when it comes to different CBD oils. This may seem a bit confusing, but knowing what all these terms mean can help you choose the product that best suits your needs. The most important thing to know is that full-spectrum hemp can contain a small amount of THC, the compound that can offer psychoactive effects. While some experts suggest that THC can be beneficial for different health needs, a lot of people would prefer not to have it at all — even if it’s not enough to make you feel high.

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CBD isolate is made through a manufacturing process that removes any compounds other than cannabidiol, resulting in a pure, crystalized form of CBD. Broad-spectrum oil, like the one we offer at SHEbd, is like the best of both worlds. In broad-spectrum products, the THC has been removed in the manufacturing process — but other potentially beneficial compounds are left behind. This type of oil is great for someone who likes the idea of a full-spectrum hemp oil but doesn’t want even a trace of THC.

Learn more about the different types of CBD products.

Testing Practices

Because the CBD industry is yet to be totally regulated, buying products that have been tested by neutral third-party labs is crucial. As for why not every brand has adopted this practice, Daily CBD suggests that some avoid it to try and pass off low-quality or even contaminated hemp as a safe and effective product they can sell for low prices. Others might simply be trying to get away with exaggerating cannabinoid profiles. In fact, a 2018 report found that nearly 70% of CBD products sampled did not contain the amount of CBD advertised on their labels.

This is why it is critical to look for brands that are transparent about their testing protocols and are willing to share their certificate of analysis. At SHEbd we offer all this information for you here.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve narrowed in on a brand that is committed to top-quality farming practices, has the type of CBD oil you prefer and is transparent in it’s manufacturing processes you’ve found a winner. At SHEbd, we’ve always been committed to upholding the highest standard of quality because we know you deserve nothing less. That’s why not all CBD is SHEbd.

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