Why SHE Made It: SHEbd Broad Spectrum Hemp Softgels

Author The SHEbd Team by The SHEbd Team

For the woman who is interested in a natural approach to taking control of her health, it may be difficult to sort through the various methods and suggestions for alternative treatment. With all the information about CBD floating around, having access to valuable education and quality products you can trust is literally priceless. It can make the difference between getting the relief you’re seeking or not.

We believe that you have every right to take a look behind the scenes to understand our process and why we do things the way we do them. Using the best technology to make our products is just part of what makes our commitment to women’s health so powerful.

So what makes our CBD-rich Hemp Softgels so special? Keep reading to find out.

How our Softgels are Made

Like all of our products, our softgel formula is made with women in mind, and backed by some of the most cutting-edge technology in the space.

One of the key pieces of our production process is nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is how we make sure that you’re getting the best out of your CBD experience. It’s a scientific process that involves reducing the size of a substance to nanoscopic dimensions, and allows for the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules. It may sound a bit complicated, but to put it simply, it’s a method that breaks down substances into microparticles that are much more easily absorbed into the bloodstream. It not only increases the rate at which your body can absorb CBD, but makes the cannabinoid water soluble through nanoemulsion. This is important to enhance the efficacy of oral consumption.


The Importance of Water-Soluble CBD

When a substance is soluble that means it can be dissolved in liquids including water. Because the body is made up of about 60% water, it’s easier for CBD particles to be accepted and integrated by your endocannabinoid system if they are water soluble. Studies show that breaking CBD molecules down to nanoparticle size increases the effectiveness of oral delivery and may dramatically enhance the cannabinoid’s bioavailability.

That’s why the high surface area of our cannabinoid droplets maximizes absorption, resulting in bioavailability that is 3 to 5 times higher than cannabinoids delivered in oil form. We’ve made sure that our softgels contain water-soluble hemp oil, along with other phytocannabinoids and naturally present terpenes.

How To Use SHEbd Softgels

Our hemp CBD softgels are not only convenient and easy to transport but are also completely mess-free to consume. They are designed to bypass your digestive system and get absorbed in your intestines up to 30-45 minutes after consumption, thanks to the nanoemulsion technology we’ve implemented.

how to take hemp softgels

We kept each pharmaceutical grade capsule at just 10 mg of CBD and 0.0% THC because it allows us to avoid using any fillers or artificial color that would contaminate our organic, broad spectrum formula.  We suggest incorporating our softgels into your wellness routine if you need help with a mental boost, falling or staying asleep, combating sore muscles or balancing the body in cases of inflammation.

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